I am a yoga educator and massage therapist and it is my mission is to help my students and clients develop radiant health, inner power, and a sense of joyful curiosity. 

I grew up following my parents around the globe, spending my childhood between the United States and several African countries. With a community of friends and loved ones from across the world, I came to appreciate how diverse opinions and experience make for a more complete understanding of the self and the world.

Fast forward to age 18, where my struggles with depression and physical injury took me to yoga. I was entranced by the sense of ease and joy I felt each time I rolled out my mat. Three years later I enrolled in my first teacher training with Ellen De Jonge in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

In 2014, I enrolled at the Maui School of Therapeutic Massage, plunging into an exploration of body, mind, and heart through the medium of touch and completing hundreds of hours of rigorous training in advanced anatomy, kinesiology, and massage technique.

That same year, my mentor Tara Michelle suggested I take a yoga workshop with Amy Ippoliti. The connection was instant, the laughter was loud, and the depth of Amy’s knowledge and her willingness to share it was profound. I began an apprenticeship with Amy in alignment-based vinyasa yoga, Tantric philosophy, and personal development that continues to this day.

While in Boulder, I also met Amy’s teacher, Dr. Douglas Brooks, who continues to profoundly influence my studies in yoga.

I now live in Washington, DC, where I teach public classes, private and corporate yoga classes and workshops, and run a thriving massage practice. I have also been fortunate to teach private workshops at American University's Department of Music and Performance, as well as lead trainings and workshops up and down the east coast.